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The Central Virginia Consortium:

Piedmont Geriatric Hospital

Jewish Family Services

Cumberland Hospital for Children and Adolescents

Eastern State Hospital

The Central Virginia Consortium (CVC) of Richmond, VA is a Greater Richmond Consortium of four member agencies offering an expansive range of clinical experiences with populations from preschool to older adults. We offer five full-time slots for pre-doctoral interns from counseling and/or clinical psychology programs in the United States and Canada.


2011 - 2012 CVC Handbook


What We Do

The CVC provides a comprehensive predoctoral internship training program that follows the standards set by APPIC. This includes a minimum of two hours per week of individual supervision by licensed clinical psychologists, a comprehensive didactics program, monthly professional development trips to other agencies and sites, multiple opportunities for training and collaboration with fellow students, and a myriad of clinical experiences. In addition, all four membership agencies place a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary team work.

The CVC has an innovative approach to generalist clinical training: its combination of on and off-site training experiences prepares interns for work in a variety of clinical settings--inpatient or outpatient, public or private, or with individuals anywhere along the age spectrum. The didactic curriculum approaches training from a lifespan perspective, highlighting parallels and key differences between populations of different ages and levels of psychosocial development. Although not currently APA accredited, this program is designed to meet the requirements set forth by the APA Committee on Accreditation.


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